Social Issues

Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

One of the most critical roles state government plays is keeping the residents of our state safe. When assessing expenditures in the annual budget, funding our police and first responders should be the top priority.

Having taught marginalized students, I believe improvements in policing and our system of criminal justice should be made. Yet, we must ensure that those who serve and protect our communities are well supported, valued, and fully equipped to protect residents, respond to crises, and enforce the rule of law.

Supporting law enforcement and supporting reforms to our criminal justice system need not be mutually exclusive.

Sanctity of Life

Respect for the dignity of every human being was embedded into me early in life through my faith and family.

Whether evaluating the status of the unborn, the rights of those accused or imprisoned, the needs of children in poverty or the dignity of the sick and the elderly, I approach all issues from a staunch defense of the sanctity of human life.

I am proud to have been the only candidate endorsed by Right to Life in my run for the Grandville City Council and to have their endorsement once again in this race.