Rights and Power

Local Government

As a city councilmember, my belief that local government is best suited to meet the needs of residents has only been reinforced. I am proud to have voted for balanced budgets that maintained tax levels.

So often, legislators in Lansing and Washington DC usurp the ability of local units of government to serve their residents while imposing unfunded mandates and inefficiently seeking to remedy problems.

Government closest to the people is best suited to solve problems, while empowered individuals in communities across our state can work together without Lansing's cumbersome directives.

Individual Freedom

I have taught our nation's system of government and our history for fourteen years. I am convinced we are the greatest nation on earth.

At the core of our country's republic is the notion that all individuals have been endowed by our Creator with individual freedom.

If the American dream is to endure, it is essential that we protect the freedoms to speak our mind, to worship how we choose, to conduct our lives privately without government intrusion and to protect our life and property.

If elected, I will defend ALL rights found in the Bill of Rights and the Michigan Constitution.