Education and Environment


As an educator of fourteen years, no issue is closer to my heart than education. I believe in the importance of a quality education for every child. In our country, education has the potential to be the great equalizer---offering all children the opportunity to develop and pursue their dreams regardless of circumstance. Having taught alternative education and at risk youth, I see the ways our current system leaves them behind.

In order for education to work in the 21st century, it is long past time we reconsider the outdated models we are using today. Students should have greater freedom to tailor their educational experience to their goals, parents should be empowered to have their voices heard, and decisions concerning curriculum should be left to local school boards and communities, not bureaucrats, testing companies, and out of touch legislators.

Environmental Stewardship

As Michiganders, we are mindful of the vast blessings we have received in our state's environment. Our freshwater, beautiful beaches and thriving forests not only drive our tourism industry, but they are our state's most precious resource.

As a city councilmember in Grandville, I have been proud of my record on environmental conservation. Our community is leading the way in finding ways to empower residents to be good stewards, while we have shown a commitment to protecting our water.

As a representative, I will support the conservation and protection of our natural resources, maintaining water protection as a guiding principle of my service.