About Me

Faith and Family

My wife Sara and I have been married for thirteen years and have been blessed with two wonderful children.

I was raised in a home by parents who lived out the meaning of love, hard work, and charity. My dad worked two jobs to put my siblings and I through Catholic schools, where I learned to fight for what is right and to value the dignity of all.

St. Francis of Assisi is credited with saying "Speak the Gospel often, and when necessary, use words." I hope the greatest testament to my faith, aside from the love of my family, is found in my service to my community as a teacher for the most vulnerable students in our society, and through the work I've done as a local public servant and volunteer.

My faith compels me to strive to act with integrity and to speak honestly in all that I do.

West Michigan Born and Raised

I am a lifelong resident of West Michigan. I was born in the City of Grand Rapids, and raised in the city of Wyoming. I attended St. John Vianney Catholic School prior to graduating from Grandville High School.

My wife and I bought our first home in the city of Grandville and have lived here ever since.

I believe the roots of home and family is a critical area that distinguishes me from other candidates in this race. Walker is not simply a neighboring community, it's where my single-mother grandmother raised my mom and her siblings on Cummings. And Grandville is not just the city where I live, it's where I worship and where my children attend school as third generation Bulldogs.

This district is my home. It is the home of my family. And it is the people of this district I wish to serve.

Public Service

Public Service is at the core of who I am.

I have been teaching social studies at the secondary level for fourteen years. I have largely taught alternative, at-risk students, including teaching at a residential school. I am currently in my seventh year with East Lee Campus in Godfrey Lee Public Schools.

In 2017, I was elected to the Grandville City Council and am currently serving in my second term. In addition to serving on the council, I also serve on the Grandville Historical Commission and Grandville Library Board.